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Could A Digital Channel Help You?

We help great small and mid-size companies grow their business by building and launching digital business channels. 

We help you define the business processes to grow your business, choose the right web applications to sell products / services, help define the organization you need to manage your channel, and also help you with the governance to make sure your digital channel is sustainable and grow with you.

With over 20 years in the IT industry, we have experience in both revenue generation: strategy, marketing, sales, IT portfolio / product management; and delivery management: practice leadership and program management; - working with both small and Fortune 500 companies. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you - and help you build a successful digital business channel.

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  • OFPA
  • Composites Canada
  • Silicon Halton
  • Configrr
  • Allan Small Financial Group
  • OMLC
  • Roger Lapworth
  • Glen Abbey Toastmasters
  • Oakville Preschools
  • Coleman Containers
  • Redditt Illustrations
  • Clockwork Logistics
  • Woodoer
  • British Grocers Wholesale
  • Boxes Next Day
  • Toastmasters District 86
  • Resultel
  • OFFA
  • Prosensus
  • Crosstowne


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