What's On Your About Us Page?

For small / medium size companies, writing about themselves is the hardest part of building their digital footprint.  We know from experience that it takes a great deal of effort to help clients write an authentic about us page - without being too dry or too salesy.

KISSMETRICS recently did a great blog post titled:  10 Tips To Craft A Sizzling E-Commerce About Page.

In they say "The About Us page of your online store is extremely important and if you use it right, it will help you increase sales. E-commerce shoppers want to know more about who they’re buying from and the only place they’re really going to get that information is on just one web page – your About Us page."  Key points (with lot's of examples) include:

  1. It’s Your story, So Tell It – Honestly
  2. Find Your Voice – And Use It Consistently
  3. Plug Your People
  4. What Your Fans Are Saying
  5. Illustrations, Photos, Videos – Oh My!
  6. Keep in Touch
  7. Follow the Social Media Icon Buttons
  8. Don’t Play Hide ’N Seek
  9. One Size Does Not Fit All
  10. Update, Update, Update

 Take a read on KISSMETRICS blog

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